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What We Offer Dehumidifcation 扫描电子显微镜 SU3500 : 日立高新技术在中国 - Hitachi:高画质的Hi-SEM,图像质量更进一步提高了。SU3500扫描电子显微镜具有实现了“3 KV加速电压7 nm分辨率”的电子光学系统,还具有实时实现了立体SEM成像观察的“实时立体成像观察功能”,同时还具有实现了更高感度的“UVD超高灵敏度可变压力探测器”,它对观察和分析为我伊提供了一个崭新的标准。 Irrigation + Fertigation Benching
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Absolute growing precision through automation and systems integration.

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Systems Integration is the cornerstone of our design philosophy. We see each cannabis cultivation facility as a system of systems, each one optimized and integrated to work together. Every element, every measure must be in perfect balance so you can consistently raise high-value, high-yield crops. From state-of the-art lighting and fertilization systems, to humidity and temperature controls, our team of engineers can perfectly simulate the elements of nature in any kind of indoor environment. 

What we offer
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